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NoNotes is a project to create music without the use of notes.
It was founded: 2002-12-01. Six weeks later the first afbum "Mode" was finished.
The music you can best describe as industrial soundscapes. NoNotes uses synthesizers, a guitar and effects.
This project is more or less as a brother to Minimal Metal.
The members are: Martin Selen (Synthesizer) and Nico Selen (Guitar, Synthesizers and Effects).

The in January 2003 recorded album "Mode",
is released on February the 29th 2008, on CD in a mini-LP-cover.

A series of concerts is in preparation
to support the release from this album.

On July the 3th 2007 NoNotes has opened a MySpace site.
So far on it one unreleased track "E-DOM", a series of photo's from their live set-up and the friends from NoNotes.
In the future there will be more info.
Klick on the MySpace logo to go there.

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