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Ilo Istatov is Nico Selen's pseudonym for experimental music.
His first release was the album "Lines" (1986). He also worked with Frans de Waard's Kapotte Muziek (1988), Block 57 (1988) and Alain Basso (1991). His track "Magnetic Fields" was released on "Elektrik Underground 20YM" (2007).

Lines by Ilo Istatov

On In 1986 the album "Lines" by Ilo Istatov was released, on New Bulwark Records & Tapes, NB31.
The tracks "Faces" and "Lines" were frippertronic recorded.
The track "Dates" was a soundscape made with analogue synthesizers.

A1 Faces 31:10
B2 Lines 22:01
B3 Dates 7:36

Lines by Ilo Istatov
Free album: "Elektrik Underground 20YM" (20 Years Motok)

On December the 31th of 2007, the track "Magnetic Fields" by Ilo Istatov was released, on the free compilation album "Elektrik Underground 20YM" (20 Years Motok).
You can download the whole album by klicking on the cover.

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