E.M.M. (Electronic Minimal Music) is a project founded in 2004. Its is related to Minimal Metal and NoNotes. But its goal is not (like those two) to play music alive. The main-goal is to create abstract minimal music, to record and release it.

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From 2004 on E.M.M. steady has recorded some tracks each year. Resulting in the release of two albums and tracks on five compilations until the end of 2012.
In 2013 things changed. In january, within a week a complete album "Cygnus" was recorded. The style of this album is also different from its predecessors: Mathematical Minimal Music - ambient, sometimes soundscapes and some shifting minimal music. It also is the first concept album by E.M.M. All tracks portraying stars from the constellation Cygnus.
At the end of the year there was another rush-work, as E.M.M. recorded the title-track for the various artists compilation album "EU13".
E.M.M. has released the next three albums:
E.M.M. has released tracks on the next ten various artists compilations:
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