Mac Music Machine

Mac Music Machine is a fun-project. As in the early 1990-ties System 7 offered new posibilities with Sound, and soon there after free programs te edit sound were available, the idea to do something with Mac Sound was quicly born.
In 1993 "Autum" was constructed out of original Mac sounds and new sounds that came with the edit program.
A year later another sound construction was made out of analogue samples from Kombi and Kraftwerk.
Both songs got under a big pile of digital dust, as Kb chanced into Mb and than into Gb.
A few years ago they emerged from an old CD wich was saved from the Old Mac Music Machine. Several remixes were made.
In December 2007 preparations for a third song were made.

Free album: "Elektrik Underground 20YM" (20 Years Motok)

On December the 31th of 2007, finally the first song by Mac Music Machine was released, on the free compilation album "Elektrik Underground 20YM" (20 Years Motok).
You can download the whole album by klicking on the cover.

Mac Music Machine

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