E.M.M. (Electronic Minimal Music) is a project founded in 2004. Its is related to Minimal Metal and NoNotes. But its goal is not (like those two) to play music alive. The main-goal is to create abstract minimal music, to record and release it. Others are free to play that music alive.

From 2004 until 2006 the first album was recorded. It is titled "E.M.M.". These recordings have been extended til 2009. In March or April 2009 this album will be released.
In February 2007 recordings started for a second album; "Silent E". So far there is no release is planned, since there are only enough tracks for an EP.


The track "Heartbeats" was released on 2007-12-31 on the compilation album: “Elektrik Underground 20YM”, (20 Years Motok) a Free MP3-album (46:46), by Motok, MTK 011

Tracks: Drygom: “Kocmoc“ (Remix), Ilo Istatov: “Magnetic Fields“ (Part 1), Cosmic Dream: “AD“, Mac Music Machine: “Autumn”, NoNotes: “E-DOM“, O.R.D.U.C.: “Deca-Dance“, E.M.M.: “Heartbeats“, Nico Selen: “Max & Bob“

Soon available:
E.M.M.: “E.M.M.”
On LP: Motok, MTK 012-3 and on CD: Motok, MTK 012-4

"CC 28", "Cubism", "Faces", "Pearl", "Emm", "Heartbeats".

If you want to order one or more copies from this "E.M.M." LP or CD, send an e-mail to Enfant Terrible or go to the Enfant Terrible site.
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