E.M.M.: “Cygnus”

Album (42:38), 2013-01-17
CD-r Motok, MTK 024-A14.

1. Deneb (Alpha Cygni) 4:58
2. Sadr (Gamma Cygni) 5:20
3. Eta Cygni 4:32
4. Albireo Aa (Beta1 Cygni) 6:08
5. Kappa Cygni 4:05
6. Iota2 Cygni 4:32
7. Rukh (Delta Cygni) 4:31
8. Gienah (Epsilon Cygni) 4:29
9. Zeta Cygni 4:03

Written, arranged, produced, performed, engineered, mixed and remixed by Nico J.J. Selen. Recorded from 2013-01-08 till 2013-01-12, remixed on 2013-01-13+14, all at the Motok.

This third album by E.M.M., titled "Cygnus", is the first which was recorded in a relatively short time - about a week. It also is the first concept album by E.M.M. All tracks portraying stars from the constellation Cygnus.
As E.M.M. stands for Electronic Minimal Music, you can expect to hear this on all "Cygnus" tracks. More than that, they are in the first place Mathematical Minimal Music. Some of these soundscapes are also a drone while others are shifting minimal music.
Anyhow "Cygnus" is one step further into the realm of abstract portaits of objects which are equally electronic.
I hope you will enjoy listening to it as I enjoyed creating it.

Thanks to Gosia Bezeg for patience
and to Frans de Waard for encouragement.

Nico Selen.
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