Various Artists: “25YM” (25 Years Motok) (The Originals)

Front side from the sleeve from the compilation album on CD-r "25YM" (25 Years Motok) (The Originals)

Album (51:45), 2012-12-31
CD-r Motok, MTK 023-A14, Limited Edition: 13 numbered copies.

1. the Bearcage: "First Sound" 1:24
2. O.R.D.U.C.: "Hypnosis" 1:01
3. O.R.D.U.C.: "Dream-Train" (Motop Mix) 3:22
4. Alain Basso & Ilo Istatov: "Adagio" 2:59
5. Mac Music Machine: "Autumn" 0:40
6. O.R.D.U.C.: "Bonus-Track" 4:11
7. NoNotes: "DOM" 4:44
8. E.M.M.: "Pearl" 7:32
9. O.R.D.U.C.: "Do" 7:31
10. Nico Selen: "EU09-Tune" 0:42
11. NoNotes: "H2+O2 (Fusion)" 5:30
12. Nico Selen: "EU10-Tune" 0:36
13. O.R.D.U.C.: "Help" 2:26
14. Nico Selen: "EU11-Tune" 0:32
15. E.M.M.: "Two" 3:50
16. Ooy + Ilo: "M45" 2:41
17. Nico + Onno: "Onno" 2:04

Motok was founded 1987-11-11.
It was the follow-up from Sun Sound Systems, (1986-04-12 / 1987-11-10) wich was the follow-up from New Bulwark Records & Tapes, (1977-01-01 / 1986-04-11). The previous two were primairy a vehicle for O.R.D.U.C. and its offspring - collaborations included.
Motok has been the first 20 years more a production organisation than a label.
Since 2007 the accent has shifted to that of a record company.

Here is the second of two compilations to celebrate the Silver Jubilee from Motok.
This disk contains 17 original tracks from recordings released over the last 25 years.
On the first disk are 17 remixes.

The last five years Motok has released on both vinyl (also lathe-cut) and CD(-r).
In the future there will be more releases on vinyl (and also lathe-cut).
For 2013 are a new series of 8-inch records planned.
But on the drawing board are also lying two albums to be released on CD.

Enjoy the music.

Back side from the sleeve from the compilation album on CD-r "25YM" (25 Years Motok) (The Originals)
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