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The Lost Attic WegWerpTapes: "The Lost Attic WegWerpTapes"

Label: TLAWWT, catalog#: LP 4002, format: Vinyl LP, 1985.
This album seems to be re-released in 1995 by De Fabriek.

A1 Laatste Nummer
A2 Rastaman
A3 Metaalhefvooz
A4 Pre-Natalie Depressie
A5 O2 Distributie-Contributie
A6 Blueaaah (Door A-Muzikaal)
A7 Love Song
B1 Stomme Buz
B2 Koffie Op
B3 Dens
B4 Genieday
B5 Trix Ga Naar Huis
B6 Endless
B7 Jeugd Journaal

Album mastered by Nico Selen for The Lost Attic.

This album has the title: "The Lost Attic WegWerpTapes", the artistsname is also: The Lost Attic WegWerpTapes
(aka TLAWWT).

When Barrie gave me a copy from this album, he told me that most people thought The Lost Attic was the artistsname and WegWerpTapes the title from this LP. But in fact is was a cooperation from both, Berrie Rikkerink (aka The Lost Attic) and Marco Lupi (aka WegWerpTapes).

Nico Selen.

This is the original list wich was made to the two master-tapes for Disco Press in Belgium, where The Lost Attic WegWerpTapes was pressed.
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