O.R.D.U.C.: “Fragments”

EP (11:30), 2011-09-29
on 8-inch transparant lathe: Motok, MTK 017-S13-T.
EP (11:30), 2011-09-29
on 8-inch lathe picture disc: Motok, MTK 017-S13-PD.

A1. "Fragments" (Light Dub) 2:21
A2. "Bonus-Track" (Ruby Edit) 3:33

B3. "Crazy Computer" (EP Version) 3:00
B4. "I am so Glad the King is Dead" (Pre-mix) 2:36

All written, aranged and produced by Nico J.J. Selen, except B3 co-arranged and co-produced by Cor Mestebeld and B4 co-produced by Louis Schreur and Theo van Osch (a.k.a. Theo Vosch).
Recorded at the Motok and engineered Nico J.J. Selen, except B3 recorded at Eagle Sound, engineered by Cor Mestebeld and B4 recorded at TVOS engineered by Theo van Osch, phone recorded at Studio 55/57 engineered by Louis Schreur.

Cor Mestebeld: Synthesizer
Louis Schreur: Synthesizer, Strings
Nico Selen: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals, Percussion.

This EP was original in 2007 only digital released, on the My Space page from O.R.D.U.C. It was a long time wish from some fans, to own it as a real EP. Since this year is the 40th anniversary from O.R.D.U.C., Motok has granted this wish. So here it is in two versions; clear and as a Picture Disc. Both are very limited.
Also to celebrate this 40th anniversary, a new LP will be released: Ruby Jubilee. It is a collection of mostly unavailable tracks, wich previously were released in very limited editions. All in all a good overview of O.R.D.U.C.'s works from the last 40 years.

Limited Edition
This EP only was available for those who ordered a copy: five clear copies and five picture discs.

All ten EP's are sold!

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