O.R.D.U.C.: “Do”

7-inch EP (12:31), 2010-09-13
on vinyl: Motok, MTK 013-E11.

Available in a limited edition of 60 copies on ET Red Vinyl and
a limited edition of 128 copies on Brown Marbled Vinyl (not pictured).

On it are the next tracks by O.R.D.U.C.:
A1. “Do” (Single Version) 2:11
A2. “Dawn” 1:24
A3. “Elements” 0:17
A4. “Fragments” (Dates Mix) 2:15

B5. “Auto” (Smart Mix) 1:13
B6. “Temptation” 0:41
B7. “17” 3:31
B8. “TV” (Original Edit) 0:59

All tracks performed by O.R.D.U.C. (One-o-seventh Royal Dutch Underground Company)
All tracks written, arranged, produced, performed, engineered*° and mixed by: Nico J.J. Selen at the Motok, 2006/2010. Except drums by *Cor Mestebeld 1980 and °Theo van Osch 1981

Thanks to:
Gosia Bezeg,
Edwin Selen, Fredryke Selen, Martin Selen,
Cor Mestebeld, Theo van Osch.

This 8 track EP is released to give you the opportunity to make acquintance with four works from the latest LP from O.R.D.U.C. titled "107". The other four tracks are not on that LP.

Do (Single Version)*
Remixed: 20091122
The original "Do" (on the LP "107") excists of three parts. This is the second part, the song, remixed to double speed.

Recorded: 20061206
A small experiment with synthesizers, wich failed to make it on the LP "107".

Mixed: 20100419
This is O.R.D.U.C.'s shortest piece of music (so far), it is an intermezzo between "Dawn" and "Fragments". The used elements come from "Do", "Dawn" and "Fragments".

Fragments (Dates Mix)*
Remixed: 20100629
This slightly shorter version was meant to be found on the LP "107".

Auto (Smart Mix)*
Remixed: 20100416
A new mixture from all three previous versions. The sub-title refers in an other way to the title!

Recorded: 20060809
This was mentioned to be a ring-tone and previously unreleased.

Mixed: 20100504
"17" is specially for this EP recorded and excist of elements from "Do", "Auto", "Fragments" and "107": only drums and percussion. It is a piece of mathemathecal minimal music, releated to "Compositie in Rood, Geel en Blauw" (1981) and E.M.M.'s "Cubism" (2004).

TV (Original Edit)°
Mixed: 20090808
This version was rejected for the LP "107", because it was to short.

See the cover from the LP "107"
for other recording dates.

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