Various Artists: “Elektrik Underground 20YM” (20 Years Motok)

Free MP3-album (46:46), 2007-12-31
Motok, MTK 011

1. Drygom: “Kocmoc“ (Remix) 3:52 (1989)
2. Ilo Istatov: “Magnetic Fields“ (Part 1) 10:07 (1991)
3. Cosmic Dream: “AD“ 9:20 (1992)
4. Mac Music Machine: “Autumn” 0:40 (1993)
5. NoNotes: “E-DOM“ 6:55 (2003)
6. O.R.D.U.C.: “Deca-Dance“ 4:30 (2004)
7. E.M.M.: “Heartbeats“ 7:24 (2006)
8. Nico Selen: “Max & Bob“ 3:58 (2007)

This free album was compiled, for you, december 2007.

It is not an best of album, but more a sonic picture from some of the sound artists Motok is helping.

Here are eight selected pieces, wich nicely fit together and create an ambiance, wich you could call Motok's.
But Motok's field is much wider. O.R.D.U.C. for instance does only partly fit in. And the Bearcage does not fit in at all.
To make it more a clew, Motok also thinks of the visual part. Not directly as in video-clip, but more as in photograph, painting and design.
And to make it a real motok, there is also the part of the words!

Enjoy this free album and give some feedback.

If you like, you are allowed to give copies of the whole album to your friends.

Commercial trade is not allowed.

Free download here

An mistake in the PDF for the booklet and traycard has been corrected. Now there is a new ZIP-file online. The PDF is also seperate available here.

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